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key benefits of cloud-based platform

Discover the transformative potential of our platform engineering solutions, designed to provide your business with unparalleled flexibility, faster deployment, and enhanced security. We offer a cost-effective alternative to on-premises software licenses, enabling remote collaboration and attracting top talent. With accelerated deployment and iteration of applications, your organization can reduce time to market and gain a competitive advantage. Rest assured, our team of experts ensures the utmost security of your data, giving you peace of mind.

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financial software development

Cloud-based Application Development for Enhanced Competitiveness

Leveraging Technologies to Build and Strengthen Your Company’s Capabilities

Optimize Processes

Set up process rules and keep the business running as you intended. Measure your business performance and risk metrics.

Minimize fixed costs

Lower your infrastructure cost to — Zero. Businesses can simply initiate and quickly scale immediately. All while keeping their overhead costs low.

Manage risks with data

A systematic risk management approach is required to keep your business in check. The risk engine automatically provides alerts on the value at risk.

Engage with visual results

Develop a dashboard and generate meaningful insights for your business. Focus on stakeholder engagement and let the automated system guides the discovery process.

Integrate familiar technologies

Customize your own solutions. Integrate & work with your familiar software, which may involve using APIs, web services, or other integration tools.

Generate signals and act

With automations, you can set alerts to recurring functions, allowing you to better manage your business and operate accounting and other operating functions systematically.

Enhance Your Financial Capabilities | Platform Engineering Solutions

Data Analytics & Visualization

  • Data plotting with Java scripts, Python lib, and Excel
  • Multi-level vectorization for super fast simulations
  • Task and schedule automation
  • Python Scikit-learn and Numpy for data analytics and machine learning

Quantitative Finance

  • Functional and non functional programming
  • Structured arrays for asset allocation
  • Financial time series modeling and regression analysis
  • Parallel computing and the Monte Carlo Algorithm
  • Constrained optimizations

Data Management

  • API for Historical EOD data
  • API for fundamental data
  • Cloud-based interface built by Django
  • Security data management with Postgres database
  • Generate and export stock data in CSV

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